Vivian Velasco-Paz

Audit Committee & Program Review Committee Chair

Vivian grew up on a small walnut farm in Laton, California and attended local public schools. She participated in the Ivy League Leadership Project, a program that encourages young people from the Central Valley to apply to Ivy League and other prestigious universities. She and her husband, a Parlier native, had tremendous opportunities due in part to that program -and their hard work. Vivian attended Brown University and later, Berkeley School of Law.

Vivian’s work experience includes serving as a Rural Policy Fellow at USDA headquarters in Washington, D. C. where she worked on rural economic development initiatives. She spent a semester working for the late Senator Edward Kennedy and his Senate Judiciary Committee. Since becoming an attorney in 2007, she has practiced employment law in Los Angeles, served as an Assistant Attorney General for State of Illinois, and Assistant General Counsel for the Agricultural Labor Relations Board in California. Vivian is currently focusing on building her family’s dermatology practice; serves on Arte Americas’ Board of Directors as Chair; and is involved in Next Generation Philanthropy, a program in partnership with CVCF that supports young professionals committed to social change.