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On Parkway Drive in Fresno, over 100 children live in motel properties that are overridden with drugs and prostitution. Often, the parents are dealing with dependency issues of their own and the children grow up with a lack of stability and limited hope for the future.

Live Again Fresno provides after school programs two times per week for the children who live on Parkway Drive. The children receive help with homework, emotional and social support, and unstructured play time where they can delight in the joys of childhood without worrying about their surroundings.

Richard Burrell, a former gang member and recovering addict had been searching for deeper meaning in his life and a way to give back when he visited Parkway Drive with his wife Roxanne. The Burrell’s were heartbroken to find children living in these conditions and they knew that this was an opportunity to bring joy and hope to others. In 2011, they founded Live Again Fresno with a mission to improve educational attainment and health outcomes for Parkway youth while advocating to shorten the time that families live in motels.

Live Again Fresno programming also includes a summer program, Friday evening meetups for mothers, mentorship to help parents find employment, and support to help families transition into permanent, stable housing. The organization also provides nutrient-dense, healthy meals for families, and Christmas presents for the children.

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