By Laura Ramos, Community Engagement Associate

We are 2 days away from The Big Tell Showcase presented by Bank of America! Central Valley Community Foundation would like to invite the community to join us on Friday, October 25th from 7:00- 9:30 pm at the Tower Theatre as we premiere 10 mini-documentaries produced by 10 filmmakers right here in our region! Tickets are free and required, please click HERE to reserve your seat. 

Everyday from now until The Big Tell Showcase we’ll be introducing each one of our filmmakers so you can get to know them and what their film will be about. Today we’d like you to meet Christopher Velazquez!

Where are you from?

I’m from Merced, California

How old are you?

I am 29 years old.

How long have you been in film or a filmmaker/producer?

I have been a filmmaker for 11 years, and i have owned my own production company Violette Films for about six years.

What’s the name of the film you’ll be showcasing at The Big Tell?

The name of my film is Family Rx

What county does your film take place in?

My film takes place in Merced county

How did you decide on your film concept?

My father Rafael Velazquez, Whom the film is about, is a local pharmacist who owns and operates his own independent pharmacy. He is Hispanic and is an immigrant who from a young age was taught the value of work and family. He is one of the few pharmacists in the area that can speak both English and Spanish and as a result fills an important need in the community. He is living proof that even in today’s society and how things are the American dream is still alive and well. Hopefully seeing that he was able to make his dream come true will inspire others in the community to follow their dreams epically if they are migrants from another country.

How has the process been for the making of your film?

Both very easy and difficult. Sometime things are easy to film and get as far as interviews and locations that still exist. The difficulty comes in locations stores or people who are no longer with us, we have to find old photos and other ways to take you back to the past to tell the complete story.

What do you hope the audience at the Showcase takes away from your film?

That the American dream is still alive and well. Everyone’s story is different but the fact is that hard work and determination is possible for anyone looking to achieve their dreams. I feel like the world has lost a bit of that hope and needs to be reminded.

Is there something you’d like to share about yourself and/or your film?

I am a father of two, my daughter Violette (whom my company is named after) and my son Milo. My beautiful wife Margarita is my rock and has supported me from the beginning of my career. With my family at my side and their help I have been able to make award winning short films, Host an international Film Festival, and more.

This year my film festival “The Violette International Film Festival” will be held on Nov 9 & 10 at the Historic Merced Theater in Merced CA.
Also i have a few projects in the works including my first feature film, and a web series we are aiming to launch on public access TV in January called “MARCELINE” as well as a few web series Chrono•Film and Delivery Boys coming 2020

Where can we follow you on social media?

Follow CVCF on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates on The Big Tell. Also check out last year’s films on our YouTube channel. We’ll see you at The Big Tell!