Oliver Baines

Oliver Baines is a 25-year resident of Fresno with an extensive track record of community service. Mr. Baines’ professional career began in law enforcement as a police officer for the Fresno Police Department. During his 11 years as a Fresno Police Officer, he was decorated with two Life Saving Medals, 2008 Officer of The Year, Chief’s Commendations, and multiple Peer Commendations. Mr. Baines’ experience in community policing inspired him to run and become a Councilmember for the City of Fresno, representing District Three for two terms. During this time, he was active in many programs addressing economic, social, and environmental problems, including Workforce Investment Board, Fresno Works, the City’s Successor Agency to Redevelopment Agency, San Joaquin Valley Air Board District, along with numerous community-based programs. Mr. Baines was the Founder of the Valley Apprenticeship Connections (VAC), a workforce development program that focuses on preparing young men and women from the hardest to serve populations in the Fresno region for a career in the construction trades. Since 2016, 73% of enrolled VAC students have completed the program, 78% are employed earning wages averaging over $20/hour, and 94% have retained their employment long-term.

Mr. Baines was a board member of Central Valley NMTC Fund, LLC, (CVNMTC) for nine years, and in 2019 transitioned to its President and CEO. During his time on the board, Mr. Baines actively sourced deals from the Fresno area and was involved in the approval process for CVNMTC’s $95M of allocation with $140M in project costs. In his first year and under his direct leadership secured an additional $25M of allocation in 2019.