Regional Sustainability

Protecting the environment and promoting smart growth are essential elements in the Community Foundation’s efforts to support regional sustainability. We support programs across the Valley that are working to create a better future for our region.

CVCF will host a competitive grantmaking program offering $115,000 in grants to accomplish the goals in and around the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers:

Program Goals  (Select one or more):

1. The acquisition of land along the rivers for restoration and/or conservation
2. Restoration of habitats for native fish and/or reintroduction of native fish populations, particularly salmon
3. Increase in water flows to benefit consistent fish populations
4. Riparian restoration to improve habitat for native fish and to stabilize banks against erosion and incision (gouging)
5. Community education, engagement, and outreach about the importance of the rivers as ecological and recreational assets and/or expanded resident access to the rivers.

Eligibility Criteria (all are required):

This is the rubric by which we will evaluate funding program. While each item is not weighted, the more items your proposal aligns with, the more competitive it will be.

  1. Requests ranges between $5,000 and $100,000.
  2. Requests will implement the program goals at the Kings and/or San Joaquin Rivers
  3. The Program demonstrates coordination and collaboration with partners such as local government offices/officials, community leaders, and/or other Community Benefit Organization (CBOs) in implementing the project.
  4. The organization demonstrates strong rationale for the proposed program and/or approach in the proposal.
  5. The program has a clear, conceptual understanding of the indicators needed to demonstrate impact.Programs that have a strong focus on measurable outcomes
  6. Programs that trigger matching dollars or additional resources to the region.

Timeline for Applicants

  1. OrgCard and Application Deadline: Friday, March  9, 2018
  2. Notify Applicants of Award Status: Friday, April 6, 2018
  3. Reception: TBD

Funding for the River Restoration grant cycle is made possible by Ted Martin. Martin passed away in March of 2013, but through Ted Martin’s Legacy Funds at the Foundation, his philanthropic legacy, and passion for the San Joaquin River will benefit the community for generations to come.

Central Valley businessman Ted Martin often told stories of his childhood spent on the San Joaquin and Kings Rivers. Mr. Martin came to FRF and established his donor-advised fund in 2011, and for two years, we assisted him in making grants to help sustain our rivers long into the future. Sometimes Mr. Martin would recommend special projects he wanted to support. Sometimes CVCF Staff would take grant proposals to Ted for his consideration. Working as a team, we directed nearly $500,000 locally to help rivers and other environmental efforts.

Sadly, on March 5, 2013, Mr. Martin passed away. The CVCF Staff and Board members miss our dear friend, and this community lost a devoted supporter and visionary. However, his trust in CVCF to honor his charitable intentions will benefit our community for generations to come. With his bequest gift, CVCF established the Ted Martin Legacy Fund which will be invested and used to support causes that align with Mr. Martin’s heartfelt wish—a healthy, sustainable environment where lasting childhood memories are created.

2015-2016 Regional Sustainability Grantees

San Joaquin River Stewardship Program, Inc. – $29,829

The San Joaquin River Restoration Summer Youth Program will involve 36 underserved youth in River Restoration activities including river cleanup and invasive plant removal. Youth will learn about river restoration, gain valuable work experience, and be exposed to environmental careers.

Fresno Food Commons Trust – $50,000

This project will support smart growth in Fresno through healthy, sustainable local food system development. It will: 1) develop a multi-use food hub facility through a direct public offering, and 2) establish a Food Accessibility Fund and outreach campaign to increase consumption of healthy local food in low-income communities.

Community Water Center – $50,000

CWC will engage diverse stakeholders to advocate for improved local planning to address and mitigate the effects of the drought. CWC will focus on groundwater protection and land-use planning in Tulare and Fresno Counties, fostering the smart growth principles of improved public health, sustainable development, and drought resiliency.

San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust – $20,171

The San Joaquin River Parkway & Conservation Trust is negotiating with a willing seller for the acquisition of a parcel on the San Joaquin River in Merced County. Acquisition of the property will benefit the river restoration by potentially provided habitat for impacted special status species. The Trust has submitted a grant to the CVPIA/CVPCP program to cover the land purchase and is requesting funding for due diligence activities including a site assessment and appraisal.

Leadership for Jobs and a New Economy – $15,000

Building on our successful Community Organizer Training, this training teaches NGO’s and community leaders skills to build influence through constructive engagement on regional public policy (i.e-SCS, General Plans) around resilience, jobs and the environment. Instructors include nationally recognized trainers, California NGO ED’s, business leaders and closes with a public expert panel on economic opportunity available through sustainability policies.

Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability – $50,000

We will continue to convene regional partners to build upon our momentum of transforming land use and investment policies and program in the region. We will continue our engagement in SB 375 implementation and related decision-making processes in Tulare, Fresno, Madera, and Merced Counties.

Self-Help Enterprises – $25,000

SHE is developing the SHE Smart Growth Initiative (SGI). The SGI will focus on improving public health, access to green space, and the establishment of a community garden at the affordable rental community of Highland Gardens.

Fresno County Bicycle Coalition – $10,000

FCBC will initiate CenCalVia, the first Open Street initiative to serve the Central Valley. CenCalVia will promote temporary closure of streets, eliminating vehicular traffic and allowing the area to become a “Paved Park” where residents can come together to enjoy physical activities like walking, jogging, skateboarding and bicycling.

2014 Regional Sustainability Grantees

San Joaquin River Stewardship Program, Inc. Food Commons Fresno Trust – Smart Food for Smart Growth Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability Office of Community and Economic Development Community Water Center Fresno Metro Ministry Madera Coalition for Community Justice Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners

Apply for Funding

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