Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Central Valley Community Foundation! The following guidelines are intended to help you publicize your program.

The Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) believes that the strategic use of communications can both increase awareness of your organization’s work and increase the effectiveness of our grantmaking. We encourage you to announce your CVCF grant through your organization’s media channels. Please use the following to guide how you communicate about your grant.

By following these guidelines, you help us inform our Board of Directors, our donors, and the greater community about your achievements. We are grateful to have you as a partner and we are pleased to promote your success!

You can publicize CVCF’s support in a number of ways:

Your Website

Create a link on your website to the our website. You can also include our logo where appropriate. See logo use details below. Please recognize CVCF’s support on any project-related web pages and in any announcements or other materials funded by this grant. In the case of multiple funders, CVCF should be included in your list of funders.

Tell Your Community

Share information about your grant through your newsletters, annual reports, lists of supporters, and social media. When announcing the grant on social media, be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

Contact Local Media

Contact local news organizations (such as The Fresno BeeVisalia-Times Delta, or The Business Journal) to let them know about your project and your grant from CVCF.

We would be happy to provide a quote for your press release that is specific to your organization. This is an opportunity to connect your work to our region’s media outlets. Please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Laura Maciel, for assistance:

Communications Help for Smaller Organizations

Excellent resources are available to help nonprofits with communications strategies, here is one of our favorites:

The Communications Toolkit — A Guide to Navigating Communications for the Nonprofit World, was created by Cause Communications, and funded in part by the James Irvine Foundation.

Contact Us

You should feel free to contact our staff anytime for additional resources or ideas on how to best represent your organization and your programs.

You can reach our Communications Manager, Laura Maciel, at or call 559-226-5600. Thank you for all that you do. We look forward to hearing from you!

CVCF Logos
We encourage you to use our logo where suitable. To obtain a copy of the CVCF logo, download the logos below. Please contact us if you need a different format of our logo than what is listed.

Acknowledging CVCF
A grant from CVCF is a partnership. Your story is our story. It is also an occasion for CVCF to acknowledge our donors and let them know how their gifts are being used to improve the quality of life in our community.

We, therefore, request the opportunity to review a draft of any announcement of your grant to ensure that CVCF’s grantmaking is presented accurately and consistently.

We are proud of the activities that we fund and we appreciate when we are recognized in our grantees’ communications. Please share with us your communications materials such as news releases, newsletters, email announcements, website copy, fact sheets or any other materials that recognize the grant.  If you believe that publicly recognizing CVCF’s funding of your work may not be appropriate — either for your organization or for us — please contact us to discuss options.

Below are suggested language for common ways to acknowledge CVCF support:

In any grant announcements or materials funded by the grant, please use the following credit: The [project/event] is supported by a grant from The Central Valley Community Foundation.

If you choose to describe CVCF in more detail, please use the following: It is the mission of the Central Valley Community Foundation to cultivate smart philanthropy, lead, and invest in solutions that build a stronger community. Since 2005, CVCF has provided over $95 million in grants to more than 750 nonprofit organizations in six counties. With $72 million in assets, CVCF provided grants totaling $8.7 million in 2015 and $11 million in 2016, impacting the 3.9 million people in our region.

If research or other work generated with CVCF support advocates a point of view, please use the following disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Central Valley Community Foundation.

CVCF Communications About Grantees
CVCF utilizes press releases, newsletters, blogs, and websites, as well as print, video, and social media platforms to announce and promote grantees. Please let us know when you have milestone events in your CVCF-supported project.  We are always looking for story and photo opportunities for our publications, posts, and website. We encourage you to read the latest about CVCF and our grantees by following us on Twitter and Instagram (@CentralValleyCF) and liking our Facebook page.

Sending Photos to CVCF

We are actively building a collection of grantee photos (high-resolution, digital images) and ask that you send us photos that may be used to help promote or spotlight the project for which you received a grant. We prefer photos of candid moments or action shots of grant-related activities in high resolution (at least 300 dpi) JPGs.

Prior to sending us your photos, please ensure you have written consent from individuals in the photos. We will archive your photos on file for use on CVCF’s website, presentations, and other online or printed materials. We will be sure to credit your organization each time we use your photos.

Sharing News Coverage

We love it when grant recipients share pictures of programs or events, success stories, or any other newsworthy items! We appreciate the opportunity to learn how grantees’ work is reaching the public and we want to help share that good news via our communications. Please share with our Community Engagement Manager, Laura Maciel, at