Misty Her

Misty Her was 5 years old when her family was sponsored to come to the United States in 1980. Her family resided in Garden Grove, California for a year before moving to Fresno. Without any formal education and not speaking English, her parents had heard that Fresno was a place rich in agriculture. They hoped to return to their farming roots and provide their children with opportunities they were not afforded. It is in Fresno that Ms. Her’s roots in education deepened through the Fresno Unified School District. Through the mentorship and coaching of many teachers, counselors, and leaders Ms. Her blossomed as a student and found a love
for teaching early in her elementary school years. Her dream was to inspire students to realize their full potential.

After high school, Ms. Her attended Fresno State University where she received a BA in Liberal Studies and a Masters in Administration and Supervision. Ms. Her became a teacher and taught grades second through sixth. She became the first Hmong Vice Principal in Fresno Unified School District and 2 years later would become the very first Hmong Woman Principal in the United States. In  March 2021, Ms. Her was named Deputy Superintendent of the Fresno Unified School District, making her the highest-ranking Hmong K-12 professional in the nation.

As Deputy Superintendent, Ms. Her is accountable for the achievement of ALL students through the development of effective and strategic instructional programs, training, and coaching of leaders and staff to improve teaching and eliminate the achievement gap. She analyzes, interprets, and monitors performance management data across the district in the areas of academic performance, academic growth, academic completion, and retention, social-emotional, and culture and climate. She leads and oversees district improvement efforts including the implementation of curriculum, staff development, evaluations, student assessments, and community relations.

Ms. Her believes we each have a calling. She has been called to do educational missionary work to impact and change the lives of children and their families. She knows the decisions she makes has a direct impact on changing the trajectory of the young minds that she has the privilege to interact with every day. She believes the greatest gift we can give someone is the opportunity to see their full potential. It’s incredibly powerful when we all invest in and inspire
HOPE in our youth.