MadVenture USA

Mission: Madventurer is dedicated to empowering global communities through sustainable service, transformative learning, and adventurous exploration

Ethos: Madventurer’s ethos is “developing together”; our aim is to support local communities in developing countries whilst empowering Madventurers to gain life-changing educational experiences through cultural immersion, social engagement, and challenging adventures!

Under the By-Laws of the CVCF, Madventure’s objective is to advance education and aid to the relief of poverty in any part of the world. In order to achieve this objective, it may:

  • Provide scholarships to further the education of students;
  • Raise funds by any means, including raising subscriptions from members, obtaining donations and grants from any person, organization, or corporation, and the holding of fundraising events of any kind;
  • Supporting and working as a project partner with indigenous communities, schools, health organizations and other Non-Government Organisations;
  • Enabling under-privileged young people from the USA to ‘give and gain’ by working on a community project in the developing world;
  • Providing students and corporate volunteers the chance to fundraise and support projects both in the USA and overseas that they can also actively participate in through service learning and volunteering.
  • Benefits to College Students and Other Participants

The involvement of volunteers to carry out the work overseas with the local community is key to the completion of projects. On returning to the US and their other home countries, these volunteers are actively supporting fundraising initiatives to assist in our ongoing work. Volunteers from other organizations and the host community are also key in completing all projects, with the phrase ‘developing together’ being used to sum up everyone’s personal experiences.The basic principles of development education are based on the premise that “change” begins with an individual and where they live, work or play, i.e., in their immediate/local community.

Through our awareness projects, we introduce in local communities, both at home in the US and overseas, large numbers of young people participate and feel empowered to lead and effect change within their community. This involvement and the accompanying learning and leadership skills acquired through their projects lead to more confident and enthused young people and contributes to the social cohesion of a community.Many of the projects are activity based and provide a wide range of the physical, the creative, the fun and usually encourage cross-generational participation which, in turn, strengthens interaction between older and younger people. There are no limits on who can participate in a MAD project. We encourage participation of all ages, communities, and skills.Highlights include:

  • Full community integration, local accommodation, local food, full cultural sharing experience including involvement in community associations.
  • To embody Fresno States’ contribution and commitment to the wider community as part of the development plan in association with Madventure.
  • To improving working relationships and cross-cultural understanding
  • To allow students and faculty to challenge themselves and to make a real contribution to the development of a rural community whilst enjoying a unique cultural experience and being given the opportunity to learn first-hand.

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