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  1. updated your OrgCard to be considered for a grant
  2. All fields are required in order to successfully submit your Grant Application or LOI.
  3. Review the final report questions below:
    1. Some of the data and questions to be collected if your grant request is funded.
    2. A total number of individuals served by age group, gender, and ethnicity
    3. Describe the progress made to date toward the approved project goals set forth in the original Grant Agreement.
    4. Identify any success, challenges, and obstacles you have encountered and how they have affected your progress.
    5. Summarize any changes made or planned for the future of the project or scope of work to further the achievement of the goals.
    6. Describe the effects, intended or unintended, that this grant has had on your organization.In what ways does your organization intend to work differently in the future as a result of this grant? Consider the organizational structure, leadership, board, affiliates, other funders, and constituents.
    7. Additional Comments: Please provide additional comments to help CVCF be more effective in its work in this area.
Grant Application

Organization Information

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Primary Contact

Person whom we should contact if there are any questions about this application.

Grant Project Information

Select the name of the program you are applying to. If you received an invitation to apply, select the "Other" option and enter the fund name that made the invitation. If you are submitting an "Unsolicited LOI", select the "Unsolicited" option.
Select "No" if program already exists.
The total number of individuals to be served by this grant. If none, enter "0".
Project Description
Provide a clear and concise description of the proposed project and how it will be implemented. Make sure to address the following items:

1. Description of the specific activities that the proposed grant will fund.
2. The projected timeline for the activities.
3. Description of how the project activities build on the organization’s past work.
4. If this is an existing project or program, describe the impact, successes, or learning opportunities you have had in implementing this in our communities. Also, provide a demographic profile of the clients served.

Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes

Goals Section
Purpose: To articulate the intended result of the grant and progress towards community impact.
1. Should start with “To.”
2. Should reflect intended progress toward goals as opposed to completion of short-term objectives.

3. An ideal number of goals: 1-3. Each should be numbered.

To increase access to the art for low-income, disadvantaged communities in the Central Valley

Objectives Section
Purpose: To identify bodies of work (inclusive of multiple activities) the grantee will engage with CVCF Funding and to articulate mutually agreed upon benchmarks.

1. Each objective should begin with “To.”
2. Should be quantitative to the extent possible.
3. May be time-limited.
3. May include specific deliverables.
4. Should avoid serving as a laundry list of all activities and benchmarks. Instead, to the extent possible, should group related activities by the body of work or type of tactic.
5. An ideal number of objectives: 1-6. Each objective should be numbered.

Example:To promote the utilization of non-traditional spaces for arts engagements with events hosted in three community spaces and outreach to a minimum of 150 community members.
Outcomes Section Purpose:
Expected outcomes are the individual, organizational or community-level changes that can reasonably occur during the grant period as a result of the proposed activities or services. The expected outcomes may relate to a new level of functioning of an organization, new or expanded resources devoted to addressing the goal, or specific changes in the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among program participants after program participation.
About the Organization
A statement of your organization's history and any other pertinent information you would like to share.

1. The organization’s major accomplishments, and how the organization will build on these successes to improve impact and effectiveness in the future
2. Specific issues that the proposed grant will help the organization address.
3. Proposed staffing for the project, identifying project personnel and any consultants or advisors who will be involved with the project.
4. Overview of partnerships with other organizations and resources in the communities or fields in which you work that you will utilize during the implementation of the proposed grant.
5. If your proposal is for core support, provide an overview (or attachment) of the organization’s strategic plan, if available.

Supplemental Questions

For grants request over $20,001
Describe the rationale for the proposed scope of work (What will it accomplish, and why is this important?), include:

1. An overview of relevant research which guided the development of the project strategy.
2. The rationale for your organization to lead the work (How is your organization uniquely positioned to carry out this effort?).
How will your organization build upon or coordinate with the work of others in this area? Address how this project integrates with other community-wide efforts. Please describe with whom you will work and how your partners will share data.

File Attachments

CVCF Financial Budget Template
Use the budget template provided to tell us about your projects revenue sources and expenses.
Budget Template
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Supporting Documents Beyond the application questions are not accepted, unless approved by CVCF Staff.