Grant Application



  1. updated your OrgCard to be considered for a grant
  2. All fields are required in order to successfully submit your Grant Application or LOI.
  3. Review the final report questions below:
    1. Some of the data and questions to be collected if your grant request is funded.
    2. A total number of individuals served by age group, gender, and ethnicity
    3. Describe the progress made to date toward the approved project goals set forth in the original Grant Agreement.
    4. Identify any success, challenges, and obstacles you have encountered and how they have affected your progress.
    5. Summarize any changes made or planned for the future of the project or scope of work to further the achievement of the goals.
    6. Describe the effects, intended or unintended, that this grant has had on your organization.In what ways does your organization intend to work differently in the future as a result of this grant? Consider the organizational structure, leadership, board, affiliates, other funders, and constituents.
    7. Additional Comments: Please provide additional comments to help CVCF be more effective in its work in this area.
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