With the busiest time of year for charitable giving upon us, the CVCF Team has comprised a list of tips to help maximize your investments during this critical time of year when our community relies on your generosity.

Make The Most of Local Expertise

In our region, CVCF is uniquely positioned to help make your giving as impactful as possible. Whether you know the organizations you are interested in supporting or have an issue you’re passionate about, the CVCF Team will work with you to make sure that each dollar of your philanthropy makes the biggest, most effective difference. Our team wants to do the hard work for you and will only connect you with nonprofit partners and funding opportunities that have been vetted by the following criteria:

  1. The organization has leadership that is dynamic and diverse.
  2. Healthy and sustainable finances or a strategic plan to attain both.
  3. A track record of achieving programmatic goals and living their mission

Reach out to Hannah Johnson McAbee ( Hannah@Centralvalleycf.org ) to explore your end of year giving.

Consider Multiple Methods of Giving

Did you know your fund at CVCF provides the flexibility you need to give many different types of assets? You can contribute cash, appreciated stock, privately held stock, retirement assets, and real estate to your donor advised fund. We are proud to work with you and provide strategic tools to further your giving in a tax-advantaged way. Call to learn more (559) 825-6187

Remember Deadlines

To ensure your giving is included in this tax year, all gifts to your funds must be postmarked by December 31, 2021. If you are planning to donate in person and bring your gifts to the office, please do so by December 30 at 5pm. The CVCF Office will be closed on December 31, but the team will do everything possible to make sure your gifts are in on time. If you have questions, please reach out to Claudia Ruiz-Alvarez (Claudia@centralvalleycf.org)

Be Flexible

We have learned over the last two years, that it is vital to be able to quickly adapt when emergency strikes. None of us can predict what 2022 will look like, but you can be prepared to respond to changing needs in our region. As you consider your 2022 giving, consider leaving 10% undesignated so that you can respond when a new need arises, such as a time-sensitive campaign with your favorite nonprofit or the growing effects of our local wildfire season.

Consider Your Legacy

One of the best parts of our work is helping donors plan their giving both today and, in their honor, or family name – forever. We want to help you navigate all the questions that come with planning your estate and the legacy of the impact you’ve made in the Central Valley.  Hannah Johnson McAbee, Director or Local Philanthropy, is excited to work with you and create solutions to leverage your retirement accounts for giving, create a long-term plan for multi-generations of your family, or just devise the perfect way to sustain the causes you care most about well into the future.  Contact her today to set up a meeting.