Farmworker Resilience and Infrastructure Fund

Farmworkers have long been indispensable links in an agricultural system that truly feeds the world – working long days, often in scorching hot temperatures, to bring food to tables in the U.S. and abroad. The COVID-19 crisis has only made that fact more apparent. Due to often crowded working and living conditions, many farmworkers cannot realistically quarantine or social distance effectively. They cannot afford to stay home from work, as many are living paycheck-to-paycheck — and certainly cannot afford to stock up on food, cleaning supplies, and other household items. And many of California’s 500,000 farmworkers lack access to federal COVID-19 support, despite being taxpayers, because they have ITINs instead of SSNs. With schools closed, children are at home, and social distancing guidelines prevent parents from accessing their typical network of family and friends to assist with child or elder care. Finally, misinformation around coronavirus is rampant, creating additional obstacles to staying safe at work and at home.

In partnership with the Central Valley Community Foundation, which will provide indispensable expertise and local community connections, RRG Capital Management is launching the Farmworker Resilience and Infrastructure Fund to help support five key focus areas with the highest need: COVID-19 resources, healthcare, childcare, food assistance, and cash assistance. Through California Harvesters, RRGCM has seen firsthand how COVID-19 is affecting the farmworker community, and that external resources are needed to adequately address these issues. The Fund will provide resources to provide relief not just to farmworkers, but to their families and farmworker communities across California in order to affect a system-wide change. Your support is needed now more than ever – thank you in advance for helping the workers who feed us stay safe and healthy.

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