For three years, our Friends of the Foundation have provided critical operating dollars to the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF). Their annual gifts have given us the capacity to attract more than $35 million from national funders and repurposed public money. All of which is being invested in community and economic development and most recently into programs providing needed resources to those most impacted by COVID-19.

By joining Friends, you make it possible for CVCF to remain focused on our 10 year, $4.2 billion DRIVE Initiative AND give us the ability to quickly react when emergency strikes. This year the return on our Friend’s investments has been proven. In 2020, we accepted the largest grant in CVCF history, $15 million to support 5 of the 18 DRIVE Investment Plans, and raised more than $4.53 million for COVID-19 Response that we distributed in 87 grants supporting local nonprofit, small business, and healthcare partners.

This is the role CVCF needs to lead and it has been made possible because of gifts from our Friends.

The best part? To celebrate the impact made together, we host unforgettable dining experiences in unique locations where you hear from community leaders who will inform and inspire you! Social distancing did not stop us in 2020. We hosted:

  • A DRIVE THRU Fresno Pub
  • Hand-delivered multi-course meals to each guest
  • Had a guest appearance by Cliff Clavin himself (yes, John Ratzenberger)
  • And found a way to meaningfully connect with the people fueling our community’s forward progress.

All of that will continue in 2021!

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Johnson McAbee at or (559) 779-1190.

We hope you will consider joining Friends in 2021 and celebrating with us on March 18th and September 16th.

Community Builder

  • Two VIP seats for 2 unforgettable Friends Dinners

  • Annual Impact Commemorative Book

  • Two CVCF Insider Virtual Hours with Ashley to learn about the specific investments we’re focused

Sign Up Online

Please fill out and send your completed form to Hannah Johnson McAbee to or mail to:

Central Valley Community Foundation
Attn: Hannah Johnson McAbee
5260 N Palm Ave, Ste 122
Fresno, CA 93704

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