Mitsuoka Endowment Fund for Children in Dinuba, Reedley, & Orosi


Dorothy Mitsuoka was a successful citrus farmer with a passion for education. She wanted to help children in the Dinuba area, where she lived, to reach their academic dreams since she’d never been able to go to college herself. Her generosity and work ethic were unrivaled, her friends recall. To her, a college education was the most valuable thing a child could receive.

Before Dorothy Mitsuoka passed away from cancer in 2008, she planned for the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) to receive her bequest gift of the citrus orchards she farmed. Her bequest gift is creating opportunities for youth in the Dinuba area to continue their education. Included in her will are instructions for an endowed fund within CVCF that will continue to change the lives of the children she held so dear.

CVCF utilizes the competitive grantmaking model to goals that support programs that honor the intent of Dorothy Mitsouka’s legacy gift to help youth realize their dreams of higher education using the following goals:


  1. Approaches that prepare college-going youth and adults to be ready for College or CTE educational options
  2. Resources and tools to help college-going youth and adults access College or CTE educational options
  3. Program and services that demonstrating a shift in attendance and completion rates in the target geography for College or CTE educational options for youth and adults

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