Veterans Fund

Working together to help one another

At the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF), we believe it is time to step up to help the 1% who volunteered to serve in uniform in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a matter of equity. Not since the Revolutionary War has a major military conflict been fought by such a small percentage of our citizenry.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates spoke eloquently of the endurance of our returning veterans: “This tiny sliver of America has achieved extraordinary things under the most trying of circumstances. It is the most professional, the best educated, the most capable force this country has ever sent into battle. These young men and women have seen the complex, grueling, maddening face of asymmetric warfare in the 21st century up close. They have lost friends and comrades. Some are struggling psychologically with what they have seen, heard and felt on the battlefield. And yet they keep coming back”.

Many veterans have served multiple tours in combat zones. The strain of battle coupled with so much time away from wives, husbands and children has taken a toll.

It is estimated that as many as 30 percent of veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition to the need for mental health support, families and communities are eager to learn how to welcome vets home, respond to their needs and benefit from their experience, skills and talents.

Studies from organizations including the Rand Corporation indicate that local agencies offer the most effective services. CVCF provides grants to many Central organizations doing outstanding work to address trauma issues, help with access to benefits and education, provide job training and assist families in rebuilding relationships.

The Veterans Fund was established to be a place where local people can pool their donations to help veterans return to their homes, their families and their communities. For vets in need it is the 11th hour and your gift can make a huge difference.

At CVCF, we believe that we build a stronger community when we all work together to help one another. Join us in this important work.

At a Glance

November 2015 as a challenge from the CVCF Board

To respond to the needs of local veterans by supporting job training, health, mobility and mental health services

To provide a place where grateful Americans can pool their donations and have that money distributed directly to local organizations as annual grants

2016 GOAL:
Donations will be matched by the Community Foundation up to $25,000.

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You can mail donations to:
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Central Valley Community Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit, tax ID# 77-0478025, any contribution is considered a tax-deductible gift.