Fresno Unified School District Scholarship Fund

FUSD Partnering with Central Valley Community Foundation

The Fresno Unified School District joined with the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) to establish the Fresno Unified Education Foundation and the Fresno Unified Scholarship Fund. The Fresno Unified Education Foundation is supporting the work of the district by allowing charitable donations to fund educational enhancements. The Fresno Unified Scholarship Fund supports FUSD graduates pursuing post-secondary education and is supported by both employee and public contributions.


About Fresno Unified School District

Fresno Unified School District serves over 73,000 students, making it the 4th largest school district in California. The district strives to have its students learn at their grade level and beyond, while preparing them to be career-ready graduates. In order to make this possible, Fresno Unified promotes equality and access work to allow students to have an abundant amount of opportunities upon their graduation.


Core Beliefs and Commitments

  • Allow students to have a safe learning and working environment, to allow each student to learn at their grade level and above
  • Provide students with high quality education options and a variety of activities
  • Provide an environment that allows for a safe, clean, and orderly learning experience; while expanding practices that will raise students achievements
  • Their teachers must have the ability and desire to work with and educate each student at their grade level or higher.
  • Students must strive to achieve their personal best, while they work to help each student achieve that goal
  • Maintain a community that allows for diversity, responsibility, equality, and high levels of participation
  • Leaders must respond ethically and courageously to accomplish: a timely delivery of high quality and services, monitor a financial plan that is viable, and provide clear expectations to parents and students


Scholarships Given Throughout the Nation

Students that have received a scholarship from Fresno Unified School District Scholarship Fund have attended a variety of universities throughout the nation. Those university include:

  • CSU, Fresno
  • UC, Irvine
  • Scripps College
  • UC, Santa Barbara
  • UC, Los Angeles
  • Fresno City College
  • Cal Poly
  • USC
  • UC, Berkeley
  • UC, Santa Cruz
  • CSU, Monterey Bay
  • UC, Davis
  • San Joaquin Valley College
  • Creighton University


Donate Online


Donate Via Mail

To support this fund, make your checks payable to
Central Valley Community Foundation
Please include the name of the fund on the memo line.

You can mail donations to:
Central Valley Community Foundation
5260 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 122
Fresno, CA 93704

Central Valley Community Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit, tax ID# 77-0478025, any contribution is considered a tax-deductible gift.