The Children’s Museum of Fresno – A place for YES!


Children learn by doing. Touch that, build that, knock that down and build it again.

These are the basic building blocks of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) learning. Every child in Fresno and the greater Central Valley deserves a place to discover these principles and put them into practice.

They will get that at the Children’s Museum of Fresno — 30,000 square feet of wonder and adventure coming to Downtown Fresno in an indoor, climate-controlled space for children and their caregivers to learn through STEAM based interactive exhibits

The museum is a completely interactive, hands-on journey into the world of building, doing and creating for infants all the way to pre-teens. It’s a place where every room is a new burst of knowledge, around every corner is a new discovery, and every visit offers new possibilities.  Everything is designed to be seen, heard, and touched giving guests a unique opportunity to develop everything from fine motor skills to early engineering principles.

Most of all, it is a place for YES!

  • YES, touch that.
  • YES, knock that down.
  • YES, pull that, push it, tap it, take it apart.

At the Children’s Museum of Fresno the only limit is the limit of a child’s imagination.

Under the direction of Central Valley Museum Corp and the Central Valley Community Foundation, the museum is currently seeking funding to bring this vision to life. This won’t just re-energize Downtown Fresno, but become a cornerstone of education for Central Valley children and their parents for decades to come.

Our mission is to open a new world of imagination and inspiration to every person who walks through our doors, regardless of age, race, gender or socio-economic situation. By doing that, we will inspire the next generation of makers, thinkers, innovators and leaders who will lead the Central Valley and beyond.



Inclusivity — CMOF believes it is for all children age 0-12 regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, immigration status or background. The Museum will feature multiple exhibits and programs, as well as dedicated days, serving children with special needs. 

Play to Learn — CMOF believes children learn by playing. Hands-on, independent, challenging, curious and, more than anything, FUN.

YES! — CMOF believes in providing a place for parents to say YES! Build it, knock it down, touch it, ride it, climb it, this place is for YOU!

Growth — CMOF believes in growth. Growth of the children and families who come to CMOF, and growth for the communities of Fresno and the Central Valley.

Partnership — CMOF believes in working with local colleges, universities, school districts, artists, artisans, businesses, and governments, as well as state agencies and national organizations to promote the City and County of Fresno, the Central Valley and learning at all stages.



Contact James Renwick at or 559-246-0978.

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To support this fund, make your checks payable to Central Valley Community Foundation Please include the name of the fund on the memo line. You can mail donations to: Central Valley Community Foundation 5260 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 122 Fresno, CA 93704 Central Valley Community Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit, tax ID# 77-0478025, any contribution is considered a tax-deductible gift.