Crop Gifting

In the Central Valley, yields are measured in bins, bales and baskets. What if that same harvest could be turned into food and shelter for the needy, college scholarships or support for rural health initiatives?

It can. Crop Gifting allows growers to donate a portion of their harvest to the Central Valley Community Foundation. CVCF then sells the commodity and deposits the net proceeds into a donor advised fund. Two million pounds of almonds become a path to higher education for students who lack only the opportunity to achieve their dreams. This pool of talented professionals and highly skilled workers will benefit our region for years to come. A crop of blueberries turns into a clinic that offers healthcare to an elderly couple, living in a small town, who would otherwise go without. For farmers and ranchers who care deeply for the land and the people who call it their home, crop gifting can create a different kind of yield, one that transforms families and entire communities.

Crop Gifting – How it Works Diagram

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