CVCF and Valley PBS Launch “Stop. Lay. Walk Away. Get Help” Campaign

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Each year, approximately 29,000 children in California experience child abuse before the age of five. Studies have shown that a baby’s crying is the top trigger for instances of abuse. Inexperienced parents, particularly young males, who are not adequately prepared for the stresses of child care may be more likely to respond with physical violence when placed in stressful situations. Physical abuse may result in irreparable damage to an infant’s developing brain or even death. Before tragedy strikes, it’s important to take steps to educate these young parents and equip them with the knowledge and resources needed to be successful caregivers.

The Esther Asperger Fund for Child Abuse Prevention at the Central Valley Community Foundation has partnered with Valley PBS to create a media campaign to equip young parents with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to prevent such tragedies from occurring. The campaign, called, “Stop, Lay, Walk Away, Get Help”, targets young parents, especially young men, to bring awareness of these facts and to share an important message – it’s okay to ask for help. The campaign aims to connect young parents and the public with resources for emotional support, assistance with childcare, educational classes, and law enforcement agencies in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.

Before tragedy strikes, the campaign instructs parents to follow four simple steps: Stop. Lay (if you are holding the child, set them down in a safe place such as their crib). Walk Away (make sure the child is safe, and distance yourself to calm down). Get Help.

The campaign is currently live on Valley PBS’ radio and television outlets, as well as through a website which provides statistics and resources for Fresno, Madera, Merced, Mariposa, Tulare, and Kings counties. The radio and television ads are broadcast in both English and Spanish, with a Spanish translation of the website coming soon. Below is one of the television ads in English:

The Esther Asperger Fund for Child Abuse Prevention was established at the Central Valley Community Foundation to honor the memory of Esther Asperger. Mrs. Asperger moved to Fresno in 1952 with her husband Paul. Her primary interests were her family, however she was extremely active in community affairs and organizations. In particular, Mrs. Asperger was passionate about serving her community’s youth, and devoted 12 years of volunteer service to the youth of Fresno County. Her contributions included: serving as the chairman of the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Commission; serving as a member of the Youthful Offender Task Force on Parole Consideration; and serving as one of the founders of the AMICUS program, which provided volunteers to assist parents of dependent children through the court process.

CVCF is privileged to honor Mrs. Asperger’s memory through the Stop, Lay, Walk Away, Get Help campaign, in partnership with Valley PBS.

It's OK to Get Help

In the United States, 1 in 7 children are reported as victims of abuse and neglect before age five. In California, 5% of newborns are reported for maltreatment by the age of one.

Visit to learn how to get help before it’s too late.