Craig Fourchy

Asset Committee Chair

Craig is a partner in Ultra Gro, LLC, a liquid fertilizer company that manufactures and distributes a diverse range of products throughout California. Originally formed in 1985, Ultra Gro was acquired in a management buyout by Craig, Don Parreira, Steve Best, and Harold Peters in February 2008 with the participation of the Central Valley Fund. He is CEO/Sales Manager of the company.

Prior to his entry into the fertilizer business, Craig worked in the grain and feed industry in the Central Valley as a commodity trader and grain merchandiser for the last twenty years, most recently with Western Milling, LLC. Craig also spent several years as a commodity/stock broker in NYC and San Francisco.

Born and raised in Fresno to a farming family, Craig’s Grandfather started the family farm in the 1930’s in Firebaugh. The farm continues to operate in the family today. Craig received his BS degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College in 1978. He is married to Jacque and is a proud father of a family of six children.

Craig is a long-time Board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California, President of the BBBS Foundation, Co-Chairman of the 2016 BBBS 300 Club Dinner Fundraiser, Advisory Board Member of St Mary’s College School of Business and avid student of community transformation for Fresno and the Valley.