Communities Organized for Resident Empowerment (CORE) Initiative

Congratulations to this year’s grantees!

The Communities Organized for Resident Empowerment (CORE) Initiative provides financial support and leadership development to strengthen non-profit organizations and community enterprises that are improving the ability of residents who are working to make positive changes in impoverished neighborhoods. Through the CORE Initiative, the Central Valley Community Foundation will provide technical assistance and financial support to organizations and leaders who are rooted in local neighborhoods, have at least a two-year track record of service in targeted neighborhoods, have established trust among residents, and reflect the diversity of Fresno’s neighborhoods. The CORE Initiative is made possible by a grant to the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) from The James Irvine Foundation. The CORE Initiative seeks the following results:
  • Equip participants with organizational and leadership tools to run their organizations more effectively and get to the “next level” of service and impact;
  • Help strengthen the finances and operations of participating organizations to make a lasting change; and
  • Increase involvement and leadership abilities of neighborhood residents, particularly youth
  • Help residents develop a vision for how their communities/neighborhoods integrate with the vision for Fresno
  • Encourage residents and cornerstone institutions to foster a culture of empowerment in Fresno communities.
The CORE initiative will support small and emerging nonprofits that, with the right financial and leadership development, have the potential to develop into effective and sustainable organizations that can be a driving force in resident involvement and neighborhood improvement in Fresno for many years to come. The CORE initiative will provide both financial and leadership development support for the non-profit organizations and community initiatives selected to participate. Specifically, the selected applicants will:
  1. Receive a grant ranging between $25,000 and $100,000 for general operating support and/or overhead;
  2. Participate in a kick-off retreat and then a 12-month leadership development and training program (the “CORE Learning Group”) along with the other selected organizations;
  3. Work with other participants in the CORE Learning Group to allocate additional grant funds to support resident-led neighborhood improvement work in Fresno; and
  4. Participate in a filmmaking project that documents the efforts of many people and organizations to improve Fresno’s distressed neighborhoods.

Applications are no longer being accepted

For any questions regarding this grant program, please check our FAQ. For any additional questions about the program and the application process, please contact with the subject line “CORE RFP Question”