By Laura Ramos, Community Engagement Associate

Note: Reservations for the Center for Community are currently closed until further notice.


The Central Valley Community Foundation’s Center for Community started as a way to provide a space for our community partners to gather for meetings, trainings, workshops, board retreats, etc. As a nonprofit we understand the importance of having a quality space to host events that fits in our budget. In 2019 CVCF reported having 303 meetings and gathering over 4,900 individuals. The Center for Community welcomes nonprofits and community organized groups, at no cost, to host their events in one of our two rooms; the C4C and Boardroom. The space can be reserved for trainings, workshops, meetings, lectures and/or luncheons. Political groups and/or events that generate a profit will not be accepted.

Teen Success, Inc. training held in the C4C.  

The Teen Success, Inc is dedicated to building up a teen mother’s confidence in herself by giving her the knowledge she needs to make empowered choices for herself and her child. While most services for teen mothers focus on problems and use a top-down approach of providing resources, Teen Success, Inc. focuses on helping her develop socio-emotional skills and positive relationships.

Thank you to the Central Valley Community Foundation for allowing us to use the Center for Community for Teen Success, Inc. trainings. It is a great, quality meeting space with very courteous and attentive staff. Reserving the space online was quick and easy. Laura Ramos, Community Engagement Associate, responded with confirmation on a timely manner and was available to answer any questions. Laura helped us set up and connect the AV equipment. I highly recommend C4C to Non-profit organizations in Fresno County.” – Sarah Villa, Teen Success, Inc. Program Manager

The program consists of one-on-one coaching with a Teen Success, Inc. Advocate and a peer learning group with other teen moms. Advocates empower teen mothers by helping them develop their social and emotional assets as foundations for success; meanwhile, the peer group dynamic lets members build strong, supportive relationships in a judgement-free environment.  For more information please visit

Photo of the C4C. This meeting space fits 45 people comfortably with seating and tables.

The Center for Community (larger conference room) can accommodate up to 45 people with seating and chairs. There are two flatscreen TV’s mounted to the wall and can be connected to a laptop to show presentations, videos, etc.

Photo of the Boardroom. This meeting space fits 16 people comfortably.

The Boardroom can accommodate 15 guests. There is a large flat-screen TV that can be connected to a laptop to show presentations, videos, etc.