Investment Management

The Foundation retains SEI, a global provider of asset management, investment processing and investment operations solutions. With over 48 years as a leading innovator in wealth management, SEI has $648 billion in assets under management or administration. SEI reduces investment and administrative challenges by leveraging assets to maximize capabilities, cut costs, and meet philanthropic objectives.

The Investment Committee members are CVCF board members and community members with significant business, accounting and investment management experience. The committee is responsible for governance and best practices in overseeing the investment management of the Community Foundation’s portfolio. The top priority is risk control and the committee establishes a target asset allocation and monitors the investment performance.


Committee Members:

  • Justin Vartanian, Chair, CVCF Board Member and Financial Advisor, Brouwer DeJong and Associates
  • Rod Thornton, CVCF Board Member and Senior Financial Services Representative, Principal Financial Group
  • J.P. Shamshoian, CVCF Board Member and Realtor, Realty Concepts
  • Jim Maxwell, CVCF Board Member and CEO, Agriland Farming Company, Inc.
  • Brandon Esraelian, CVCF Board Member and Associate Attorney; Richardson, Jones & Esraelian
  • Bill Lyles, President, Lyles Diversified
  • Jeff Jaech, Attorney, Baker, Manock and Jensen, PC

Investment Returns

3 Month* 1 Year** 3 Years ** 5 Years** 10 Years**
Long-Term Pool 4.42% 12.70% 6.57% 8.23% 5.33%
Short-Term Pool 0.43% 1.54% 1.20% 1.08% N/A
Social Impact Pool *** 3.73% N/A N/A N/A N/A
Low-Cost Pool**** N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

* – cumulative
** – annualized
*** – pool inception, July 1, 2017
**** – authorized for inception on or after January 1, 2018


Financial Stewardship

All financial information is disclosed annually through an independent audit and published in our annual report. Donors receive a quarterly fund statement that includes all fund activity and portfolio investment results. The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of the financial health of the Community Foundation, including preparing the annual budget and assuring that short and long-term goals can be met.

Committee Members:

  • Doug Morgan, Chair, President, Morgan and Company
  • Jolene Telles, CVCF Board Member
  • Brandon Esraelian, CVCF Board Member and Associate Attorney with Richardson, Jones & Esraelian
  • Lydia Herrera-Mata, CVCF Board Member and Family Physician at Adventist Commnity Care
  • Larry Powell, CVCF Board Member and Retired Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
  • Rod Thornton, CVCF Board Chair and Senior Finanical Services Representative at Principal Financial Group


Reports & Disclosures

CVCF 990 Form (2016)
2015/2016 CVCF Audited Financial Statement

Investment Webinars

During recent periods of extreme market volatility, CVCF donors and fundholders had the opportunity to hear directly about the approach CVCF and its investment advisor take to market cycles. SEI’s Dale Campbell joined members of CVCF’s leadership team for two video conference calls on March 24 and 25, 2020.