The 360 ACCELERATOR provides direct and holistic support to schools in order to close the ‘circle of quality’ of California public education, targeting rural and disadvantaged areas of California. Our model convenes public school leaders into regionally-based cohorts to work collaboratively and with expert guidance to improve the quality of their schools and advocate for educational equity in their communities.

We promote positive communities of practice and collaboration between charter public and district school leaders in order to enhance innovation, scale best practices, promote regional sustainability by aligning school academic models and growth plans, and empower leaders to advocate with and for one another for quality public education resources. Our multi-year initiatives emphasize relationships, knowledge, leader and organizational capacity-building, and collective action and impact through three phases:

  • The COHORT: to accelerate and scale emerging charter management organizations, connecting them with others who have otherwise been operating in isolation;
  • The CADRE: to accelerate leaders and guide them in collectively addressing instructional quality and identifying leadership talent; and,
  • The COALITION: to accelerate the region by mobilizing all Accelerator leaders to take aligned collective political and advocacy action.

The 360 Accelerator has demonstrated concrete successes from its three-year pilot Cohort and Cadre that include: multiple new schools, an emerging leader training program, improved educational outcomes, and district collaboration on progressive instructional methods and technologies. Leaders and advocates from Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, and New Mexico have asked us to expand and support their rural areas; but our passion lies first with Central Valley, Sacramento, Central Coast, and the Inland Empire leaders who have requested 360 Accelerator supports. We are excited to launch new Cohorts in the coming months.


Our vision is that every child is able to walk through the doors of an exceptional public school of their choosing. We believe in supporting charter leaders and district leaders to work alongside one another to improve higher educational outcomes and ensure responsible fiscal and operational management. The 360 Accelerator aims to become the mechanism to support organizational capacity-building and collaboration among high impact public schools in order to realize a California that has:

  • alleviated the desperation for resources among our families
  • developed a pipeline of talent that is forward-looking, mindful, strong, and racially-diverse
  • exported effective cultural, operational, and academic values and practices
  • established a threshold or definition for high-quality academic performance
  • empowered underserved and vulnerable student populations
  • recognized students as individuals, eliminating classifications that limit student potential

We exist to convene public school leaders in under-resourced areas to increase organizational sustainability and quality, create new solutions to shared problems, and advance the education rights movement. We seek to create lasting bonds between public education leaders to collectively:

  •  grow high quality schools and diverse leaders
  •  confront complex education and social issues within communities
  •  advocate for policies to increase equity and access for all students


Aligned on the importance of public education to the quality of life for Central Valley families

Shared multi-county regional focus

The leadership, giving programs, and fiscal management practices of the Foundation have earned the respect of civic, social and philanthropic leaders across the state. Extending start up organizations like the 360 Accelerator trust and fiscal oversight allows them to draw on that reputation and confidence, providing reasonable assurance to funders and community partners that our mission is a worthwhile and meaningful investment.

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