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California Health Sciences University Scholarship Fund

For more than 40 years the Central Valley has been designated as a health care provider shortage area. Founded in 2012, California Health Sciences University (CHSU) will help remedy the shortage with a local option for health care doctoral and continuing education programs.

CHSU selected the College of Pharmacy as the first school based on:

  • California legislation declaring advance practice pharmacists to be health care providers and expanding their scope of practice.
  • Economic barriers to higher education – Fresno area ranks as the second most impoverished in the nation according to a 2012 census report.

Nearly half of California Health Sciences University students are from the Central Valley and many are the first in their families to obtain a college degree. With more than 30% reporting English as a second language and representing eleven different ethnicities, the CHSU student body reflects the Valley’s diverse population.

Without the existence of California Health Sciences University and financial assistance from the CHSU Scholarship Fund, a significant number of prospective health care providers would not have the opportunity to obtain an advanced degree in pharmacy.


Carrie Vue Headshot

“Raised in America by Hmong refugee parents, I am the first person in my family to pursue a doctorate of pharmacy.  Not knowing what uncertainties were ahead of me as I traveled this path, CHSU provided me with the support I needed.  As a mother and full-time student, I balance both my academic and personal responsibilities. With the scholarship funds, I was able to pay for part of my tuition and textbooks.  Allowing me to focus more on my education, this scholarship has given me the extra time to dedicate to my studies; allowing me to earn a 3.78 GPA.  This difficult yet rewarding academic journey has propelled an unyielding level of perseverance toward my goal of becoming a pharmacist in the Central Valley,”
Carrie Vue, Class of 2019


Amer Naik Headshot

”To the donors of the CHSU Scholarship Fund; thank you. The opportunities provided for me at CHSU would not be possible without your generosity and could not come at a more crucial point of my life.  This gratitude does not only apply to me but extends from my whole family.  Again, I sincerely thank you,”
Amer Naik, Class of 2018


Seema Rai Headshot

“I express my sincerest gratitude to the donors and members of the CHSU Scholarship program.  I thank Central Valley Community Foundation for granting me the scholarship to pursue a PharmD degree at California Health Sciences University, Clovis.  The amount of money I received from my scholarship was a great help in managing essential, additional expenses.  I hope to get further support from the Foundation in the form of enhanced scholarships to overcome financial hardship and to help maintain my good academic performance.  I am committed to pursue my career in Pharmacy and serve underprivileged people in the community,”
Seema Rai, Class of 2018


All California Health Sciences University scholarship recipients have financial need requiring them to incur student debt in order to attend school, many also have significant existing undergraduate debt.

Make a difference in students’ lives and enhance the future of health care in our region by contributing to the California Health Sciences University Scholarship Fund. Various giving options are available to address your philanthropic and financial goals.

Learn more about California Health Sciences University, visit chsu.org or email Giving@CHSU.org.

Via Mail

To support CHSU students and help them achieve their goals, make your checks payable to
Central Valley Community Foundation.

Please write CHSU on the memo line. You can mail donations to:

Central Valley Community Foundation
5260 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 122
Fresno, CA 93704

Central Valley Community Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit, Tax ID# 77-0478025, any contribution is considered a tax-deductible gift.