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Westlands Farmer Charitable Fund

Westlands growers joined forces with the Central Valley Community Foundation to launch the Westlands Farmers Charitable Fund, a philanthropic effort to improve the lives of underserved families in the Central Valley.

The Westlands Farmers Charitable Fund is committed to meeting the needs of the underserved and improving the quality of life for Central Valley families. Established and managed under the Central Valley Community Foundation, we focus on providing funding for educational services in the community, food assistance, resources for veterans, and assistance for facilities for community organizations.

Examples of Westlands Farmers’ Impact:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno County for Firebaugh and Huron clubs
  • Community Food Bank
  • California Agricultural Leadership Foundation
  • Center for Land-Based Learning
  • San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust

How the Fund Helps Growers & Helps the Community
As we know, it is not easy running a farm and managing businesses. Utilizing the Westlands Farmers Charitable Fund for charitable contributions provides Westlands growers with a streamlined process for voluntary philanthropic giving and the assurance that the funds donated by growers are being used for a worthy cause that benefits the region.

In addition, Westlands growers have the opportunity, by combining their contributions, to make a substantial impact on community programs and more importantly, the people that receive assistance from those programs. Often, the bighearted contributions of growers are appreciated but the cumulative amount of charity by all Westlands growers goes unrecognized. The Fund highlights grower contributions but also demonstrates the generosity of the agriculture industry and its commitment to improving lives.

The Fund also serves as a clearinghouse for worthy organizations to seek funding for their mission. Rather than approaching growers individually to make their request and demonstrate their value, groups can contact the Fund and provide information about their programs and administration to ensure that grower contributions have a direct and profound impact.

Donate online:
Contributions to the Westlands Farmers Charitable Fund are tax deductible, providing financial support to a range of worthy organizations and individuals.

Donate Via Mail

To support any of our funds,
make your checks payable to
Central Valley Community Foundation.
Please write “Fund Name” on the memo line.

You can mail donations to:
Central Valley Community Foundation
5260 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 122
Fresno, CA 93704

Central Valley Community Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit, tax ID# 77-0478025, any contribution is considered a tax-deductible gift.